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Passion for astronomy and the unknown. Lover of pasta, pizza, and bagels. Nintendo fanatic. Trekkie and Star Wars fan. I like my books how I like my games: Long, complex, and hard to put down.


Coming from a family of media lovers and early technology adopters, I've always had a passion for creativity and finding ways to express myself.  Before I created my first short story, my parents always encouraged me to draw and create works of art - most of which, growing up in Brooklyn, New York, consisted of recreating city streets from memory, crafting building blueprints, and mapping elevated train systems on oak tag posters.  I also recall parallel parking my Micro-Machines on the floor of my very small bedroom.

My first series of short stories, heavily inspired by "The Blob" and "Ghostbusters", were created when I was eight years old.  During high school, my heyday of playing Dungeons & Dragons as well as Shadowrun, I created short stories inspired by the Shadowrun universe, as well as several works of poetry that focused on a wide variety of subjects, from unrequited love, capitalism, and tributes to the lost, to following the life of an asteroid before it slammed into Earth.  During both high school and college I wrote for their respective newspapers, which I used as spaces to publicize my work whenever possible.

Once I entered the workforce post-college, my drive for writing fiction was mostly put on hold as I had a new, equally fun focus: technical writing and user guides.  From 2008 to 2017 I worked in the technology sector with my primary focus being the Salesforce platform, managing Salesforce environments at nonprofits in Washington, DC while offering pro-bono consulting services on the side.  During this time I wrote dozens of user manuals, quick-reference guides, and technical guidebooks for the organizations I worked for - quite the far cry from writing fiction, but still required a creative mind nonetheless.  It was during this time that I also started to give presentations at conferences and nonprofit meetups, which honed my skills in wordsmithing and being able to successfully convey messages and lessons to large groups of people.

Today, with support and blessings from my wife, I started down the path to complete one of my lifelong goals: to become a published author!  It's a long adventure ahead, but one that I embrace heartily.

I am father to a precocious little girl and husband to an incredible woman, without which my life would be indescribably different.


My Favorite Authors:
Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, Stephen Baxter, Orson Scott Card, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein, Stephen King, Jack McDevitt, Larry Niven, Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman, Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert J. Sawyer, John Scalzi, Harry Turtledove