“Williams’s debut novel is hard SF at its best.”
Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Quantum Night


Eternal Shadow reads like a Michael Crichton sci-fi thriller, as there is lots of tension building with the events in the book, but what I find just as fun is that the work and science is also done with the cast and those involved around the world… Eternal Shadow is a compelling read that balances the science well with the action.” 4.5/5 Stars. Full Review


“Fans of the hard science fiction of Andy Weir (The Martian) and Isaac Asimov—of epic tales and strong female lead characters—will have their eyes glued to the pages of Eternal Shadow… an edge-of-your-seat near future space odyssey.” 4.9/5 Stars. IR Approved. Full Review


“In his series opener, Williams offers a wealth of well-informed, highly technical, and scientific details that will captivate fans of hard sci-fi… When apocalyptic disaster looms, humanity turns to science and technology in this well-crafted tale.” Full Review


“Eternal Shadow is a tense science fiction story that paints a thoughtful, intelligent portrait of humanity’s first contact with extraterrestrial life.” 4/5 Stars. Full Review


“Overall, Williams’ Eternal Shadow is a pleasing debut, well-paced and crafted. He manages to fully flesh out the characters (human, alien, and AI) while building to a satisfying ending which leaves open many tantalizing avenues for future books to explore.” 4/5 Stars. Full Review


“A stunning and far-reaching space thriller. The peripheral storylines and supporting characters, both good and bad, carry the plot along wonderfully, while the astronomically ambitious plan to save the planet makes perfect fodder for sci-fi futurist fans. The writing is precise, yet flexible, giving every scene an important sense of authenticity. Williams has delivered a unique and unpredictable titan of a novel, a bold launchpad for his Fall of Gods series.” 4.5/5 Stars. Full Review


“Solid character development and an intriguing plot make this an engaging read... For those who like plenty of science in their science fiction, Eternal Shadow won’t disappoint.” Full Review


“This novel starts off with immediate action, pulling the reader in. As the SETI scientists figure out what the extraterrestrial signal they’ve received means, the story becomes an instant page-turner… This book will enthuse and entertain lovers of science fiction, but also offers plenty of romance, thrills, mystery, and literary fiction elements, which have the potential to draw in a larger audience.” 5/5 Stars. Full Review