ETERNAL SHADOW Preorders are now LIVE!

ETERNAL SHADOW Preorders are now LIVE!

Before getting to the rest of the article, we all know why you’re here. Let’s cut to the chase. =)

Here’s a link to my novel’s paperback preorder page. And for those that want to lock in the digital format, here’s a link to the Amazon Kindle page! The ebook version will release on November 9th - the official launch date. However, the “limited” paperback edition has several perks baked into it, including all buyers receiving it in the mail before launch.

If you’d like to read a chapter or two before making a decision, I’ve prepared the first three chapters to be freely accessible! Click this link to download the PDF.

Check out those pages above and show your support! I await your return.




…Welcome back! With that out of the way, let’s return to the rest of the article.

The Finish Line is Near

Not long after 2017 began, I started writing the novel which would culminate in the realization of a lifelong dream: to be published. That novel is ETERNAL SHADOW… and as of the publication of this article, it is now available for purchase!

I still can’t believe it.

I still can’t believe it.

Decisions, Decisions

After much research (according to my bookmark manager, I have a LOT of saved pages on self-publishing), I’ve committed to the following:

  1. I would offer my novel as a preorder as opposed to waiting until the official launch date.

  2. It would be available in two formats out of the gate: paperback and Kindle ebook.

If you Google “should I offer my book as a preorder” or something along those lines, you’ll find endless articles debating the pros and cons. A healthy mix of people who are vehemently opposed to preorders are also as numerous as those who espouse the benefits of offering your self-published book in a preorder campaign. I’ll have to offer my own growing opinions on the debate in the near-future, after my book launches. In the end I decided that - in summary - the pros of allowing my novel to be offered three months early in the form of preorders outweighed the cons. A lot of time was spent flip-flopping over this. The decision was not made lightly which means that, much like the major decisions I’ve made with my novel, I went all-in with preorders.

Another big decision I had to make was determining the formats ETERNAL SHADOW would be offered upon release. Thanks to Amazon, the decision was easy: I’d offer paperbacks and a Kindle ebook right out of the gate. IngramSpark would also provide a venue for booksellers to procure paperbacks for their stores as well. However, as my eyes scanned the bookshelves in the living room, one thing stood out: I had a helluva lot of hardcover books. In fact, that’s my personal preference when buying most novels. I’m one of those readers that just loves the look and feel of hardbound books and their dust jackets, even if they are more expensive than the paperback variants.

For a time I wondered, “Why wasn’t I offering a hardbound version of my own novel?”

Well… I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I presently don’t have a cover design for a hardcover book, as the exterior design has to take the total length of the book jacket into account. Since I never planned to have a cover designed for a hardback (and to be honest, I had no idea they’d be different when compared to a paperback), I simply don’t have what I need to offer hardcover books. On top of that, Amazon doesn’t offer the option which leaves me with IngramSpark as the sole distributor.

The good news: I’ve already alerted my book designer about this. Once she’s back from her well-earned vacation she’s agreed to explore our options for a hardcover book design. It may take a few weeks, if not an additional month or two, but it’s possible I may have hardcover versions of ETERNAL SHADOW ready by launch day!

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what to expect with my pre-order campaign, let alone the actual book launch. Will all this work result in something good and positive? Will I sell thousands of books? Hundreds? A few dozen?

All I know is that despite all the conflicting emotions which swirl in my mind as I strike a balance between everything related to my book and the rest of my life, I am happy with how things are turning out.

And I cannot wait to see my book in your hands.

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